• Vray Lens Effects

    How to set up Vray Lens Effects

Sparkling Water – Quick Start

This is set up to adjust the camera settings from the lens effect dialogue (Glare Type from camera Params)
Only Glare Effect is on, weight 25, Size 2.0, F number 6, Blades 6
I used a bercon noise for quick testing, the region id Phoenix Ocean Shader.
This Scene uses a simple Vray Sun & Sky setup, colour mapping is set to Rienhard, Burn Value 0.75 Sub pixel mapping is off, Clamp output is off.

Open the V-Ray Lens Effects Dialogue

V-ray lens effects are accessed via the V-ray frame buffer. We will use these effects to create a star burst flare from the vray sun reflection.
Click the lens effects settings button on the V-Ray frame buffer.
Tick Bloom Effect
Tick Glare Effect
You will need to render once you have enabled the lens effects.
Mode: Image and render element
This will add it to the beauty pass and generate a render element

Adjusting the look

To adjust the bloom effect, play with the Weight, Size and Shape sliders.

By default the type is ‘from render camera’. This will take the settings from your V-Ray Camera.

Glare Type: From Camera Parameters

Glare type ‘from camera parameters’ lets you adjust the F-Number, Blades and Blade rotation in the Frame buffer dialogue.
Higher F-Numbers scatter the star burst shape

Glare Type: From Image

Glare type From Image will use an image. Create the image using the V-Ray lens effects filter generator. This is located:
All Programs, Chaos group, V-ray Adv for 3Ds Max, Tools, Filter Generator tool

Filter Generator Tool

Play with the settings, create a flare that you like,
File, Export HDR, save.
Back in the lens effects dialogue, in the Glare image area, load your HDR.
You can adjust the look of the flare using the weight and size sliders.

Corona Flare Lines Pattern

Special Flare Lines Pattern

Lenticular Halo