• Revit to Max PRO Import Script

    The Fastest Way to Import & Organise FBX Files

  • Revit to Max PRO Import Script

    The Fastest Way to Import & Organise FBX Files

    $37 – BUY IT NOW

The ‘Revit to Max Pro’ import script processes Revit FBX exports in 3Ds Max with one click

Have you spent hours dealing with FBX files from Revit, and wondered: “Surely there’s a better way?”

If you are importing Revit FBX files for arch viz, you need this script! 

The Revit To Max script will instantly clean and organise the model for you, convert materials, and display textures.  It also paths bitmaps to the FBM folder, all in one click!
This will save you HOURS and streamline your workflow with ease.
Compatible with Max versions from 2018 through 2024

$37 – BUY IT NOW

All these features run with a single click:

  • Detaches objects by material/object ID
  • Keeps editable mesh and retains the mesh topology
  • Fixes scale issues from FBX
  • Organises objects into layers based on category
  • Names objects by their category and material
  • Separates material per object (No Multi-Sub materials)
  • Creates a selection set for glass objects, great as a material override
  • Option to clear the environment slot
  • Assigns your default renderer
  • Delete or create a layer for non-geometry objects such as tree null objects
  • Option to Save your scheme
  • Can be used as an object detacher

Pro version Update – Now the script automates more of the process for you… 

      • Converts Autodesk materials to standard material
      • Removes Autodesk bitmap and creates a standard bitmap for diffuse texture
      • Replicates the opacity texture map
      • Displays the texture in the viewport
      • Paths the textures imported from the FBX file to the FBM folder via asset tracking
      • Searches for any textures that are stored in the shared 3Ds Max texture maps folder and copies them to the FBM folder.
      • Will also seek out the Mental Ray sky .EXR, which is stored locally.
      • Will track down 255 super whites and tone them down to 220.

** Many of these features can be run independently to assist in importing other file types. (Such as .3Ds files from Sketchup) 

Download the script

  • Compatible with 3Ds Max 2016 - 2024
  • Pays for itself
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime access
  • No subscription required
One-time payment

Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with the download link.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing “Revit to Max Pro”, you hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions.

One licence per user.

Please feel free to contact tim@vizguy.com with any questions.

Using the script

Click the icon to open the UI //    Toggle Manage Links Dialog. Select your FBX.
Preset; Autodesk Revit – Combine By Revit Category. Attach this file.
Click Yes on the Daylight System EV Option if you like.
Bind the file //   Files tab, Bind…
Running the Script //   Click ‘Select all’, then hit >>Process Selected<<.
Multiple Layers //   Some components such as stairs and railings create layers for each object. To fix this; Make the Stair layer Active, select all the layers with these objects, Select children, Add to active layer. You may want to consolidate other layers too. Right click and remove empty layers.
Architecture to Standard Material Converter
Turn Viewport maps on/off 

I’ve imported many, many FBX files and this is the script I wish I had!

Revit to Max was developed to clean up and organise Revit FBX files in 3Ds Max in one click.  Revit files are essential to an Arch viz project, however most elements will need to be re-modelled, and materials applied.

This script provides a consistent layering and object organisation that would otherwise take hours to do manually.

Revit to Max Pro delivers reliable and perfect results every time.


Streamline your import process

This script addresses many issues, such as rectifying imperial scaling from FBX, removing Autodesk’s Art renderer, and assigning your renderer of choice. 

Tailor to your needs

For versatility, the script enables you to run components separately, and save your custom default settings.

Updated Material Converter

The new material converter makes it super easy to visually apply materials from your library.  A standard material is created, with no reflection, glossiness, or bump. 


Joe Alexander

Pix and Mortar CG Studio

The script worked wonders when receiving a large Revit model from a client. It made the transition into Max so much easier, and I will be using it on all our future Revit projects.

Tommy Miller

Cox Architecture

I use Revit To Max every time I import an FBX, which can be a few times a day. It saves me about an hour of work each time, and I use it for fixing other imported formats too. it’s a great workflow!

David Lind

Arup Engineering

I used to have a different way of dealing with Revit files. It took ages to go through all the objects and was very time consuming. I don’t really worry about it now because it’s all done in one click!”

How To Install

Unzip “RevitToMax_Pro”
Copy the “MacroScripts” and “ui_In” folders to your Max Root Directory
(Contents will merge with the existing folders)
Open 3Ds Max
In main toolbar click > Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars tab > Category dropdown menu: Vizguy
Drag the VizGuy-RevitToMaxPro icon to your toolbar

What if I have a question?

Let me know how I can help. I use this script myself all the time so I always want it working at its best.


Which version of 3Ds Max is this for?

This script has been successfully installed and run on every version of Max from 2014 to 2024.

Tim Atkinson

The guy behind VizGuy

Tim is a professional architectural visualiser who loves illustration, concept art, design and film.  During his 20 years in the architectural industry, he has worked on a number of projects including international sports stadiums, luxury resorts, city scale master planning, residential towers, and interior design.  Now Tim wants to share his knowledge and help others to create their own stunning images.