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    Finding your way

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Create A New Document

Create new document  //    Ctrl+N
Width & Height  //    Choose pixel dimensions
Resolution  //   Choose 72 pixels/inch for digital, 300 for high quality print
Colour mode  //   RGB colour for screen, 8 bit for non HDRI images
Background contents  //    Solid or transparent

Navigation and Workspace

Zoom  //    Ctrl+, Ctrl- or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel
Pan  //    Hold Space Bar, Hold L-mouse button, drag
Fit to screen  //   Ctrl+ Zero
Cycle workspace styles  //    F

Navigation and Workspace

Arrange workspace  //    Window/Arrange
Show Rulers   //    View/ Rulers. Ctrl+R
Undo  //    Ctrl+Z
Multiple undo  //    Ctrl+Alt+Z
Rotate canvas  //    R, ESC returns to normal view
Hide layer Palette>  //    F7
Show tools  //    Window, choose tool


Smart Guides  //    View/ Show/ Smart guides
Create a Guide  //    View, Show rulers, drag from the ruler, hold Alt to rotate
Snap Guide to ruler  //    Hold Shift while dragging guide
Move a Guide  //    V – Move tool
Snap to a Guide  //    View, Snap
Create a grid  //    Edit/Preferences/ Guides, Grid & Slices
Hide/Show extras (Guides, marquee, grid)  //    Ctrl + H


Crop  //    Select crop tool, marquee area to crop, hit return
Extension-Crop  //    Extend the crop beyond the dimensions of your document 
Crop From Selection  //   Make a regular selection, Image/Crop
Perspective Crop  //    Useful for squaring up images to use as textures

Save Document

Save  //    Ctrl+S, File/ Save, File/ Save as
Common Formats you may encounter  //
.PSD //    Native Photoshop format, multiple layers and alpha channels
.PSB //    Photoshop format for very large files (Over 30,000 x 30,000 pixels)
.JPG //    Compressed, usually for the web, or where a low file size is important
.TIFF //    Tagged Image FIle format. High quality Print, uncompressed or lossless compressed
.PNG //    Portable network graphics. Lossless compression format, 24bit RGB or 32bit RGBA
3D Render formats
.TGA //    Targa, contains Single Alpha  32bit RGBA
.EXR //    Open EXR, contains multiple RGB and Alpha channels, 16bit integer or 32bits per pixel floating point

  • Vray.

    Quick setup render settings.

    Settings to use for both draft and high quality renders. what to change and why.