• Brushes

    Brush up on your skills!


Brush  //    B
Note: If you have caps lock on,  you won’t see your brush size preview.
Change Brush size and softness  //    Hold Alt & Right Mouse Button
Drag Up/Down to change brush size
Drag Left/Right to change brush softness
Alternatively Right click to bring up dialogue box, adjust size and softness

Brushes – Colour picker and swatches

Colour Picker  //    Click the colour swatch on the toolbar
Hue//    Right hand slider
Saturation//    Left to Right
Brightness//    Up and Down
Save a colour swatch//    save a swatch from the swatch pallete.
Click the ‘new’ button to name and save the colour.

Brushes – Sample colour from image

Choose colour from image  //    Hold Alt and eyedrop an area in your document
Switch Foreground/Background Colour  //    X
Reset Foreground/Background Black / White  //    Mini switch icon

Drawing straight lines

Draw straight line  //    Make sure spacing is set to zero for a straight line. Click, Hold Shift, Drag, stop and let go of Left mouse button.
Point to point  //    Click, Hold Shift, Click Second point.
Line tool  //    Hold Shape tool, choose line, set to pixels.
You can hold space bar while creating the line to move it around.

Opacity and Flow

Brush opacity  //    Drag over the ‘Opacity’ Word. Press number buttons at top of keyboard. 1=10% 5=50% etc. Zero is full opacity. Press numbers quickly to set any number, ie 45.
Erase  //    Select ‘clear’ mode to erase (keeps the same brush settings)
Flow  //    The amount of paint that is put down in airbrush mode.
Airbrush  //    The paint will build up if you hold your mouse button.

Create a brush tip

Create a New Document  //    200×200 pixels. Background White.
Set foreground colour to Black  //    Black is visible, White is transparent.
Create your brush tip  //    Make a selection and fill with black.
Save Brush  //    Edit/Define brush preset. Name your brush.
Open the brush tab  //    Brush button or F5. Choose your brush.

Edit Brush

Brush tip Shape  //    Adjust the spacing. 1% is a smooth brush.
Shape dynamics  //
Angle Jitter, Control:Direction.
Size Jitter, Control: Direction

Save Brush

Save Brush   //    From The brush tab, click the ‘New Brush’ button.
Delete original  //    Open the Brush Preset tab. Select the old brush and press delete.
Rename Brush   //    Click the rename button.

Save Brush Set

Preset Manager   //    From The brush Preset tab, click the ‘Open Preset Manager’ button.
Save Set  //    Select your brushes, Click ‘Save set’. This will save a .abr file.

Load Brushes

Preset Manager   //    From Preset Manager, click ‘Load’.
Choose file  //    Select your .abr file.
Use brush  //    You will find the brushes in the brushes tab, click brush tip shape to see your brushes.

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