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Save hours of workflow and render time with tried and tested techniques.  Vizguy helps you understand the theory to achieve the quickest results.

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Created by professional visualisers for students, designers and architects.  Learn industry standard tools quickly, and apply them in real world projects.

  • “There is nothing more important in an architectural presentation than good images!  It’s so handy to have VizGuy as an online resource because 3D rendering is not included as part of my masters course and we need to find the information for ourselves.”

    Elizabeth Hillier. Architecture student. University of Melbourne.
  • “You don’t have to know everything, just where to find it. Vizguy is a great reference while i work.”

    Leon McBride, Architectural visualiser
  • “Tim is a very professional guy that knows how to get results – quickly!  Over his 12 years of experience, he has not only gained a lot through experience, but continues to teach and inspire others..”

    Naomi Evans, Cox Architecture, Melbourne