• Commonly heard terms in the world of 3D visualisation

    If you’re new to the world of arch viz or have just begun working with architects, you might need a bit of a heads up on their lingo and what it is they really mean. The following are some translations that might help you through day-to-day work in the office…

1Do you mind if I drive? You dont know what you're doing and im getting really impatient
2What's your point of difference?That is an unoriginal and uninspiring idea... try again.
3In my View…I know best
4I know rightSome awkward social saying that popped up out of nowhere in 2018-2019 that everybody is now saying for no some unexplained reason
5That’s exactly rightI just want this conversation to end
6I just want to touch base-Possibly innapropriote, but never is
-trying to make a boring meeting sound exciting... like playing baseball
7How are you going? Hurry the F#$%! up, I need you to do some work for me.
8Did you get my email?You did recieve my email but havent responded
9Public RealmI don't have a design, just make it look good
10So... Are you gonna use those houses I made you?After a week modelling a few houses, on our request, the intern kid uttered the immortal words. The answer was no.
11Can you make that more transparent?Hide the building we haven't designed yet
12Needs more activationThe architecture is crap/non-existent, hide it with people
13Can you activate?
14That's a good startUsually heard after an all nighter
15Guestimatefudge, cheat, lie
16Save itIf you fail, don't say i didn't warn you
17Make it better
18Im just trying to helpI've got nothing better to do than comment on someone elses failures
19On the same pageI know best
20At the end of the dayI win, my word is the final word
21Can you make that more moody
22Can it accommodate a live load?...
23Can you make that more heroicadd a lens flare to make it look like we designed something really cool
24Fast track ithurry the F#$%! up
25The Audi of architectureThe Aldi of architecture (inside joke)
26If the shaft size is to go up...
27That's precisely correct
28Absolutely awesome
29The reality isI win, my word is the final word
30Can't you open it up and just push render?I'm trying to make the task sound easy to take the shock of reality away
31That’s some of your best workPatronising encouragement (normally spoken by Simon Haussegger)
32Save to centralNo idea... something architects seem to do a lot
33….so…are you….gonna use the houses I made?Dissapointed work experience kid..
34how hard is it to... followed by a really hard thing to do
35Do you want me to do it?-you dont know what you're doing and im getting really impatient,
-hurry the F#$%! up.
-I know best
-There's no way I want to do it but i just want to scare you into doing
it yourself
36we need a few more renders, can't you just lower your settings?I'm being unreasonable but I'm trying to make it look like you're being unreasonable.
37It is what it isi don't like it, there's no hope
38Surely you can do better than that??
39Are you still working on that job ?!?hurry the F#$%! up
We hardly ever talk so I'm just going to make some small talk
40Hasn't that already been built?Why are you still working on that you slow bastard.../ we told the builder to start building before we finished the design
41Where the f@#$ is my render??
42Can you save that out as at a higher resolution ?... 😐
43We can't spend too much time on this-hurry the F#$%! up
-I don't want to get in trouble and I'm covering my own ass
-I've already blown the budget on design and poor management
44We need to do a quick render-can we have the world in 10 seconds
-I know it wont be a quick render but i'm trying to fool you into thinking this will be an easy task
45Moving forwardyour're getting nowhere
46We need to accentuate and articulate itYOU need to accentuate and articulate it because I haven't done it
47"We need to" ....YOU need to
48more trees, more peoplewe didn't design a facade....
49can't you just photoshop it ?trivialising a major task or design issue
50from an erection point of view....
51from a urinal perspective
52That looks too architecturalThere is no design
53Don't touch my screenI'm trying to divert the topic away from this annoying conversation
54Are you coming in on the weekend?come in on the weekend, this isn't gonna get there
55Can you stay back tonight ?stay back tonight otherwise we will lose the project and I'll look really bad
56Need more greenhide the building we haven't designed/modelled yet
57That'll get thereI don't like it ...yet but i'm not going to do anything to make it better
58This isn't going to get there-that will get there , hurry the F#$%! up
-I'm scaring you into performing beyond your capabilities
59That should be a 15 minute exercisehurry the F#$%! up
60The Oce colorwave is offline
61Please hold off on printing
62Can anyone see david king ? (The IT guy that was never there)
63Can you render that in the backgroundHurry the F#$%! up i've got an unachievable amount of work due NOW
64In the public gaze
65Unparalleled operation
66That has to be a full spread
67The New public image
68The ideal floorplateIdeal, not according to the people actually using the floorplate, but ideal for the stingy developer
69The new times squareEveryone in the room knows fair and well that we are not creating anything remotely close to the equivalent of the actual Times Square in NYC
71The democratic floorplate
72That's the worst render I've ever seen.. Ever.
73What's that furry Muppett? The boss referring to a green wall in a render
74You wouldn't want to be thereWe forgot to design something nice
75That building looks shit (heard more often than you'd think)
76The architecture looks shit house
77the 3D's don't do it justiceI F@#$ed up but i'll blame it on something else
78public realmA place where people are
79sitting proud
80gangway moment
81That dogs breakfast is a building (JH)
82Does your image communicate permiability?
83is it pourous?
84Smoke and mirrorsjust make it look good...I don't even know what day of the week it is...
85Can you just import the Revit model?
86Can we change this to a dusk shot?Our design looks bad in the day, quick turn off the lights..
87I like kids and all, but...You shouldn't be at the birth of your first child, you really should be in this meeting
88that person's a bit big..we designed a sh!tty, small, horrible space to be in
89I'm no expert but...I think I'm pretty damn good
90The pest control man is in the buildingweekly email
91Get it squared awayget it done.. I think, in a six sided way..
92Get it over the lineIf we're lucky enough we might actually get away with creating a pile of sh!t
93The whole Shebangeverything
94You can take a horse to water, but if you hold it's head under for too long, it'll die..no idea... scares me to this day...
95It takes two hours, to render one monkey.long story..
96Yes, that's exactly rightI'm so nervous that the director will think i
don't know what im talking about so i'll over express my certainty
97I thought I did a really good job.. oh well...If at first you don’t succeed..
98we need this render at 300dpi
99I don't mean it rudely but.... What I'm about to say is rude, but because I said it's not at the start of my sentence it isn't..
100That's a fundamental quantum shift thereI moved the file
101It is what it isWe'll have a look on Tuesday
102Can you add more cultural diversity?Only cultures that are deemed socially and professionally acceptable in the mainstream trends (no Russians)
103Can we try a different view?oh no, I had no idea my design was that bad, quick, change the view and that'll fix everything