2017-11-24 by

How Syd Mead Designed Las Vegas of 2049

A great interview with the legend; Syd Mead. Syd was asked to contribute some ideas for Blade Runner 2049, specifically the…

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2017-04-06 by

The Jungle Book ‘Creating the Animals and the Jungle’ – VFX Breakdown by MPC (2016)

This VFX breakdown by MPC is fascinating! I love breakdowns, sometimes they seem like a production themselves! The environments are beautiful…

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2016-07-05 by

Commonly heard terms in 3D visualisation

Commonly heard terms in the world of 3D visualisation If you’re new to the world of arch viz or have just...
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2016-04-07 by

Rougue One: A Star Wars Story – Official Teaser Trailer

This December we’ll be treated to another Star Wars epic! These are exiting times we are living in, exciting times indeed!…

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2016-03-26 by

Nike Air Max Day – Inspirational Animations

London based firm Man vs Machine have produced a series of animations to mark Nike Air Max Day ’16 I thought…

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