About VizGuy

Create beautiful, photo-real 3D imagery – fast.  VizGuy allows you to fast-track years of learning, with training from an industry professional.  You’ll learn time-tested core principle skills, as well as cutting edge techniques, giving you the knowledge and confidence to create your own visual style.

Tim Atkinson

The guy behind VizGuy

Tim is a professional architectural visualiser who loves illustration, concept art, design and film.  During his 20 years in the architectural industry, he has worked on a number of projects including international sports stadiums, luxury resorts, city scale master planning, residential towers, and interior design.  Now Tim wants to share his knowledge and help others to create their own stunning images.

A supply of the best resources

Tim has spent years seeking out the best 2D and 3D assets to create the perfect image.  There are also external weblinks to help you extend your learning and push your images to the next level.

A broad skillset

Learning the VizGuy method will give you a good understanding of 3Ds Max, Vray & Photoshop and other related software.  It is important to know the role of each program to create an efficient workflow.

Tim’s Top Tips!

With years of experience and countless images up his sleeve, Tim knows the best methods to keep your projects on track.  Utilize the VizGuy workflow to save hours off your render time.